Services Provided

  • Identity Design
  • Visual Language
  • Surface Design
  • Print and
  • Collaterals

eKOCool (Coca-Cola)

eKOCool, a Coca-Cola initiative, is a chest cooler that is powered by solar energy. Apart from being environmentally friendly, these coolers are distributed to women in rural communities (who are without a doubt the least privileged in most peri-urban / rural societies).

We developed a brand identity and visual language for eKOCool that is aimed at attracting global attention to the product. In the process, we also worked on the surface design of a trike, on which the cooler could be optionally mounted.

The visual idea came from a verdure
Ekocool Brand Identity
Brand ID
The classic bottle reframed
Visual Language
eKOCool Trike
Surface design concept
Product design
Promotional posters
Poster Design